Cyber security awareness training at Bizoneer

Cyber security awareness training at Bizoneer
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Cyber Security Awareness Training Is a Bizoneer Consulting Initiative on Cyber Security Awareness,

A single person at a certain company, the second-largest health insurer in the country, clicked on a phishing email. This one click allowed someone to hack the personal information of 78.8 million customers. The cost was estimated at over $100 million.

The incredible damage done by a single mouse click illustrates the importance of security awareness training (i.e., the training that protects the company data of an organization by creating immediate and permanent changes in employees’ behavior). Security is not just a matter of installing technological safeguards, but ensuring that people act properly. Bizoneer IT consulting is the best cyber security company in Africa, and best cyber security in Rwanda, with experience in cyber security field, we offer Cyber security Awareness training to organizations, to educate users and protect organization’s information by considering availability, integrity and confidentiality

After a successful security awareness training, your organization should experience:

Fewer data hacks.

  • Less work time lost to security problems.
  • Fewer responses to phishing emails.
  • Quicker response times to fraud attempts.
  • Increased employee reports of fraud attempts.
  • Decreased employee efforts to access unauthorized webpages.
  • Greater knowledge of personnel’s responsibilities and risks.

The behaviors you affect (and measure) should be decided after a careful examination of your organization’s strengths, vulnerabilities, and priorities

A good template for an effective security awareness program can be found here at Bizoneer IT consulting in our Cyber Security Awareness Program.

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