Your employees are your first line of defense against online crime

It’s not just the big guys getting attacked. Small businesses make up nearly 61% of all cyber attack targets. So not depending on the size of your company you are a target to cyber attacks. And remember that Target breach? It struck not because of internal, corporate IT negligence but because of a gateway that hackers found in one of Target’s HVAC vendors. It’s hard to ignore what all this indicates — cyber threats are far more interwoven — and prevalent — than what meets the eye. When it comes to your employees’ preparedness in particular during the event of a cyber security emergency, organizations can no longer roll the dice. You might be asking right now that why do I need to train my employees about Cyber security? You are in the right place to hear about that.

Your company needs cybersecurity traininigs for employees because of the remote work/telecommuting, this is due to the fact that telecommuting has become a reality rather than a fantasy for many workers thanks to mobile and cloud technologies. In less than ten years, businesses across the country have been able to incorporate substantial work-from-home policies, reshaping the ways companies view productivity, profitability and what it means to be a “good” worker.



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