Cyber Security

Cyber Security

The enterprises today are subject to government or industry regulations for information security awareness, and failure to comply can result in censure, fines or worse. In some organizations there are legal mandates that require workers to be trained in and/or “informed” about information security awareness.

Our Information Security Consultants provide advisory and technical support to help our clients improve their Information Risk and Security Management function to respond to the increasing cyber security threat. By providing information security subject matter expertise and utilising our business consulting acumen, we work collaboratively with our clients to design, build and more importantly, hand hold them for implementing pragmatic security awareness strategy.

Cyber security’s main goals are to provide the confidentiality,integrity and Availability and all that has to be done without any danger caused.


confidentiality It refers to controlling access to information. It ensures the wrong people who cannot gain access to sensitive information while ensuring the right people can access it. Protecting confidentiality include special training for those who share sensitive data, including familiarizing authorized users with security risk factors and teaching


Integrity assures that the sensitive data is consistent trustworthy and accurate. Security of data should be maintained over its life cycle. It prevents unintentional changes and deletions from unauthorized users from becoming a problem. Measures should be taken to detect data changes that might occur due to a non-human-caused event, such as server


It is the guarantee of reliable and constant access to your sensitive data by authorized people by keeping up with system upgrades, providing adequate communication throughput and preventing bottleneck. It prevents downtime due to malicious attacks such as denial-of-service DOS attacks and network intrusions, extra software and the use of security equipment