Data centers

Data centers

With ever-increasing data center (DC) size and complexity, DC managers and IT professionals require the right configurations and equipment to meet their specific environment needs, as well as remote management solutions that enable them to quickly and effectively access servers, network devices, and other mission-critical equipment. 

These products are not only vital to run the system efficiently, but can also contribute to an overall strategy that saves your company money. With a vendor independent approach, the experts at Bizoneer Consulting Data Center Solutions can review your specific environment and help you find the best infrastructure solutions for your data center, server room, computer closet, or server rack. 


High Availability

We ensure an agreed level of working performance, usually up time for a higher than normal period. For example, hospitals, banks stock exchange, internet service providers all these organizations need data centers and their systems highly available to perform their routine daily activities.


We are prefabricating units in manufacturing facilities under controlled conditions and then transporting those completed units to a separate site. The variable in data center modularity is defining the “unit.” At one end is the data center in a shipping container.


With so much flexibility required, having to plan around fixed numbers of two different outlet types in equipment cabinets is an added and often expensive complication data center managers don’t need.