Email security gateway

Email security gateway

A secure email gateway is essential to protecting your business from malicious content contained within emails by preventing them from reaching their intended recipient. By placing malicious emails into quarantine or blocking the sender, a secure email gateway significantly reduces the number of successful compromises of user credentials, email hosts and sensitive company data.

A secure email gateway offers a robust framework of technologies that protect against these email-borne threats. It is effectively a firewall for your email, and scans both outbound and inbound email for any malicious content. At a minimum, most secure gateways offer a minimum of four security features: virus and malware blocking, spam filtering, content filtering and email archiving. Email Gateways will also offer protection from social engineering attacks such as phishing, or business email compromise. The gateway can check the domain of incoming emails, as well as scan for suspicious content within the email, to stop harmful content from coming into the network.


  • Secure Email Gateways protect employees from email threats like spam, viruses and phishing attacks, which in turn protects businesses. Employees are the biggest attack vector for business networks, and email is a prime target for attackers to reach employees. Having a Secure Email Gateway in place allows businesses to improve security for employees by blocking malicious emails, stopping phishing attacks.


  • Many Secure Email Gateways offer email archiving and encryption that allow organizations to secure their sensitive data and meet compliance needs by storing copies of email for legal reasons. This means businesses can achieve greater security and meet legal compliance.


  • Secure Email Gateways provide Business Continuity, which means that all email operations can work as normal even if the email client used by an organization goes down. This works as the Email Gateway provider will provide users access to a cloud based email service.