GEDI Catalog is more than an online store. This is a new pioneering company in the e-commerce sector in Djibouti. From ready-to-wear to decoration, from cosmetics to electronic products, GEDI Catalog wants to establish itself as the Djiboutian leader in e-commerce. The company imports, distributes and delivers quality products to Djibouti. With its international experience, GEDI Catalog wants to offer its customers a quality service.

In the field of ready-to-wear, we accompany you in your choice of fashion and style. For all clients who wish to express their personality through the clothes they wear, we invite them to trust us.

We continue the development of our activities by also offering you cosmetics, electronics and furniture that are up to date. Special sections are devoted to parents who want to satisfy their children and to athletes who want to improve their performance. Discover every day a wide selection of products such as shoes, bags and many more on our site.

Business Pain Areas, Objectives and Key Points

-Visitors cannot see available products is store and make order accordingly.

-Problem with Multi-channel brand management.

-Problem to attract Customer (Hard Marketing strategy)

-Problem for Customer order management

-Problem to manage customer profile

-Technology problem and communication procedures

-Problem to know customers from their previous purchases and interests.

-Difficult to collect relevant information and putting it to use like reward customers

-Difficult to get customers feedback

Key Benefits

-Manage all the things from one place.

-No much of physical space for your store.

-sell anywhere any one can open and place the order

-No limitation of area like shop keepers and retails store

-Any one can sell your products

-24×7 management

-Minimum investment

-Customer can take the products at the door stops

-Easy shipment

-Easy payment mode

Bizoneer Solution

With Gedi E-Commerce Visitors can see the publicly available features such as browse products, view details of products (Size, Colour, Cost, Features and more), and view other static contents of site. Registered User can view all publicly available features and in addition to this they can purchase the products by adding them into shopping cart. Admin can manage all the contents and Orders from the Backend (admin side)