Organizations can do more over the web today than ever before. Today’s web offers a dynamic, real-time user experience. However, the web has also become a more dangerous place, with increasingly sophisticated attacks released every day. Web Gateway is a critical defense for any organization to protect against emerging malware threats, to empower organizations with secure internet access while greatly reducing risk through an advanced security approach that combines powerful, local intent analysis with web gateway protection.  Bizoneer Consulting Rwanda  Ltd looking forward to be partnered with RURA to implement the Various Cyber Security Solutions as per requirements of RURA.

In fact  RURA was looking for Cyber Security Solution. As a part of this strategy, RURA want to implement Web Security Gateway & Web Application Firewall. RURA was looking for experienced System Integrator with support on ground. Project deadline was just 30 days including supply and Installation,

RURA Pain Areas

-Lack of complete and regular rollouts of software patches.

-Gaps in application blocking and Control

-Problem with Internal application

-No Centralized End Point Management

-Gaps in controlling browsing within MINECOFIN premise

-Gaps to control MINECOFIN network access

-Gaps in backup control

-Problem with Spam Filtering and Email Backup

-Problem with log Monitoring & management

-Helpdesk Problem

-Problem to manage Password, Active directory as well operation manager

-Problem to track network devices

-Problem with Upgrades and Maintenance

Key Benefits

-Improve malware detection and blocking

-Decrease endpoint attack surface for attack prevention

-Increase visibility and monitoring of endpoint configuration, activities, and behavior

-Integrate across the existing security infrastructure

-Protects vital data from contamination by malware and other threats

-Fully automate & easy to use Centralize Management

-Improve Spam & Viruses  detection and blocking (No Spam Attachments)

-Time Efficiency

-Secure IMAP and POP Access

-Secure Webmail Access

-Adequate Storage Space

-Shared Address Book

-Simple Setup, Security & Accountability

-Storing a Redundant Copy of Your Data

Project components

-SSL Security Certificate for 17 MINECOFIN sub-domains


-McAfee web gateway

-McAfee SIEM

-MailMarshal Email Gateway

-Barracuda Web Application Firewall

-Manage Engine ADManager

-Manage Engine OpManager

-ManageEngine Exchange Reporter Plus

-Manage Engine ApManager

-ManageEngine Password Manager

-ManageEngine Service Desk Plus

-ManageEngine ADAudit Plus

-Acronis Backup Acronis Backup Advanced

-AOMEI Partition Assistant Technician Edition

-Solarwinds User Device Tracker

-IMPULSE Network Access Control

-Kernel Migrator for Exchange 

-CodeTwo Exchange Rules