Pain areas

-Once the Sales order reaches the production there is delay and gap in communication where in the existing environment doesn’t give the option of informing the customer on the completion of the task.

-There is was no provision for post order tracking in the existing environment.

-Before our solution the post order scenario was supposed to be done manually.

Role of SMS & CRM WF Integration 

-The new module utilizes the services and operates on the data to send SMS and extend workflow like job completion from Production.

-The existing environment will not be disturbed with inclusion of new system.

-The application helps to generate customized reports for the Top Management of the company

-The system at each stage has its provision of customized internal approvals as per the roles defined by the management

Overview of the Features

-End to end work Flow

-SMS Integration

-Job card and Job status

-Customized reports

-Email reports if necessary

-Customer reminders via SMS