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The continued evolution of the threat landscape has enabled individuals and groups to launch orchestrated attacks on organizations’ infrastructure for criminal or political gain. Organizations now need new tools to protect against these emerging threats and the more traditional hacking methods such as SQL Injection and Cross-site-scripting through Websites

Traditionally, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs) were looked upon as security tools designed to provide an independent security layer for web applications. Implemented as appliances, network sniffers, proxies, or web server modules, they were expected to analyze inbound and outbound data and detect and protect against attacks. Despite the slow adoption of WAFs, they are quickly moving up north now and provide specialized, layered application threat protection for medium and large enterprises, government organizations as well as application service providers.

We at RNS specialize in providing solutions that protect your web-based applications and internet-facing data. Automated protection and layered security protects web applications from layer 7 DOS and sophisticated attacks such as SQL Injection, Cross Site Scripting attacks and data loss. With an application aware load-balancing engine to distribute traffic & route content across multiple web servers, the load balancing helps increase application performance, improves resource utilization and application stability while reducing server response times.




Bizoneer believes that future is in cloud based platforms,for better security and accessibility

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